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Red Vines – Original Red Twists 5.5lb Tub

  • Pack of 5.5-pounds
  • Twists with respect for tradition
  • Distinctive rich taste and a soft chewy texture

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Red vines – original red twists, 5.5lb tub is deeply rooted in the traditions of the American west, Red Vines is the premium quality licorice. It continues its old-world licorice making practices starting with the same tried and true ingredients from its original recipe. Red Vines is the only major brand still making twists with respect for tradition. The result is a distinctive rich taste and a soft chewy texture and desirable appearance, setting it apart from other chewy confections.

No other candy carries such feelings of nostalgia as our iconic Red Vines® Original Red® Twists. Treat yourself with yummy, sweet red licorice–the original and the best. Great for the whole family – red twists are a perfect treat to take along on a picnic, chew at the movies, or simply enjoy any time you feel like it.

Red Vines - Original Red Twists 5.5lb TubCelebrating Sweet Moments

Red Vines candy is meant for sharing, especially when celebrating life’s sweetest moments. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, taking the kids to the movies, you can enjoy the proud tradition of sharing these sweet treats with the ones you love. The Red Vines family believes in traditions, and we’ll always be there to be a part of yours.

Cleaner Ingredients

We know you care about what you eat, which is why we are committed to adding new products made with cleaner ingredients to the Red Vines family. Our Red Vines Made Simple twists are made with real cane sugar, no artificial colors or flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup or red dye.

Red Vines - Original Red Twists 5.5lb TubTaste & Texture

Red Vines candies have been made for generations using artisan candy-making techniques and a small batch process. Each batch uses only 5 ingredients and is made with great care to ensure the unique soft & chewy texture and delicious Red Vines taste beloved by candy fans of all ages.

Snacks For A Busy Life

Red Vines fans lead busy lives, so we want to be sure that your candy is always fresh for snacks you can take anywhere and enjoy anytime. If you need a sweet pick-me-up at the office, or something for the kids to snack on in between soccer practice and ballet recitals, Red Vines candy has you covered.

Red Vines - Original Red Twists 5.5lb Tub

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