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Why Is Red The Color For Valentine’s Day?

by Feb 14, 2019Living At Home

The color red is associated in our minds with energy, passion, and action. It can give us a heightened sense of emotion, and enhances our physical reaction to our surroundings.

Stop Signs. Emergency Vehicle Flashing Lights. Retail Signage. Business Logos. These are all things that have something in common – the color red. These items stand out to us. They are designed to be noticed. They demand a strong physical reaction. Stop what you are doing. Be aware of your surroundings. Look at this product. Marketers and Business Owners understand that in order to encourage quick buying decisions, they can use the color red and attract a passionate and attentive customer.

Why Is Red The Color For Valentines Day Loving Couple - MyOfficeInnovations Blog

A study conducted by two psychologists at the University of Rochester showed that a man’s attraction toward a woman is heightened when the woman wears the color red. Another study showed that women were more attracted to men who are photographed in front of a red background vs. other backgrounds.

So it is no wonder that the color red has been linked to Valentine’s day; A day where we celebrate the romantic love we have for our significant others. We dress in red to appear more attractive to those around us. We give our loved ones red roses and other gifts to grab their attention and heighten their passion.

This Valentine’s day, get in the spirit by surrounding yourself with the color red and heightening the passion and attention of those around you. Below is a collection of popular red office products that will be sure to help you celebrate the day in style and maybe even attract Cupid’s arrow.