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Rescue Your Desk: Bring Your Dull Workspace Back to Life

by Jan 22, 2020Working At Home

Liven up a Boring Workspace

You might consider your desk your second home, but do you treat it that way? If you’re stuck with fluorescent lighting and are in a cubicle, you might feel that there is not much you can do. Believe it or not, there are some little things that can make an impact on the color and tone your workspace sets. Here are a few ways to make your workspace reflect you.

Change Your Computer Background

Change your computer desktop background to liven up your workspace

This is a small first step, but one that can make a difference immediately. Stand out from others in your office by making your desktop background reflect you. Consider making it a picture of your favorite vacation destination, or a photo of you with some friends. Most computers also offer an option to make a screen saver based on photos saved.

Create Your Own Mousepad Pattern

bring your workspace back to life with a custom diy mousepad

This can be a great DIY project to fill some time on your day off. Try browsing the web for different ways you can repurpose your current mouse pad. If you’re looking to make your mouse pad a different color, Home Me Oh My features a great tutorial on how to create a gold mouse pad.

Incorporate Greenery and Good Smells

Add green plants to literally breathe life into your dull lifeless office

If you have an office space with a decent amount of light, bringing in live plants can be a great way to freshen your workspace. In addition to making your workspace look better, The Guardian also states that plants can also increase happiness and productivity. Before choosing what plant will go next to your desk, consider the location of the sun from your office, and how much maintenance each plant will need.

Bring your personal style with Fashion Designed Office Supplies

Cynthia Rowley is one of many designers office product lines to bring your desk to life

There are more styles and designs incorporated into today’s office supplies than ever before. Liven up your space with bright colors, fun prints, metallics and polka dots, and even products designed by luxury designers like Cynthia Rowley. Even the smallest touches like high-heel staplers, turquoise pens, or fashion notebooks can help turn a dull day into an adventure.

This article was originally posted on January 26, 2017 and has been updated to include new content and links.