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Classroom Lesson Ideas for Grades K-5: Make Learning Fun

by Mar 13, 2019Teaching At Home

As a teacher, you might have trouble with creating your classroom lesson plans each month. You might get overwhelmed when you look at your overall curriculum and have maybe looked through articles on teacher tips and how to increase interest in the classroom. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few different activities you could try to gain your students attention, and bring smiles to their faces.

Baseball Spelling

Classroom Lesson Ideas: Baseball Spelling Activity

Source: Little Family Fun


Grades K-3

What You’ll Need

Play ball! If you find that your students are striking out on their spelling tests, this could be a fun way to improve their spelling. Make it easier for younger students by only using three letters, or make it more challenging for older students by adding letters. You can find more details on how to create the circles and bats here.

Multiplication & Division Exercise: Figure Me Out

Classroom Lesson Ideas: Figure Me Out Multiplication & Division Activity


Grades 4 & 5 (Can use addition or subtraction with younger students)

What You’ll Need

Are you looking for a fun way to ensure that your students stay sharp with math? Start off by identifying eight questions about a person that can be answered with a number. Write the answer to that question on your board. Then, cover the answer up with a sticky note that features a multiplication or division problem that leads to your answer.

Create a worksheet for your students to fill in the answers to each question. Then, go over it together!

Vocabulary Beach Ball Game

Classroom Lesson Ideas: Vocabulary Beach Ball Activity
Source: The Happy Teacher


Grades 1-5

What You’ll Need

This is a great way to check on whether or not your students have studied their weekly vocabulary words. Grab a marker and write all of the week’s vocabulary words on it. Then, have your students pass the ball to each other. You can have your students either define the word, or use it in a sentence. The Happy Teacher also offers suggestions on how to make this a gift idea at the end of your school year to encourage your students to “have a ball” and not forget about the importance of reading.

Science Experiment: Leak Proof Sandwich Bags


Grades 4 & 5

What You’ll Need

Want to wow your students? This is a great way to teach your students about theories in science, and help them draw their own conclusions. Show them how it’s done first, and have them guess whether or not water will leak out of the bag. After you give them a demonstration, have your students try it and see if they can replicate your success. While no water should leak, your students should clear off their desks and place a paper towel underneath to catch any running water. For more detailed instructions and variations, check out Steve Spangler Science’s version of this experiment.

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This article was originally posted on August 4, 2016 and has been updated to include new content and links.