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6 Halloween Decorations You Can Make Using Office Supplies

by Oct 1, 2020Halloween, Living At Home

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to decorate your home and workspace. If your old halloween decorations are getting kind of tired, consider using some simple supplies you may have lying around to get you in the Halloween Spirit. We’ve collected some simple and fun halloween decorations you can make from your office supplies.  


cardboard box jack-o-lantern  
  Make your house into a Jack-o-lantern.This is super simple to do. Grab some cardboard boxes and pick a designated window. Make sure your cardboard fits snuggly, cut out the eyes and mouth and there you have it.


Styrofoam cup ghost  
  You can quickly and easily make hanging ghosts for doorways and chandeliers. Use Styrofoam cups, poke a hole in the top, use some string and a sharpie and voila, you have easy to make ghosts.


Trash Bag Spider  
  Nothing says Halloween like giants spiders. These do it yourself ones are fun to make and are the perfect addition to your outdoor halloween decorations or for your classroom or office. Grab nine black trash bags and leftover newspaper. Make the body by stuffing one bag full and tying it closed.  Then halfway fill the other eight trash bags long ways and connect them with tape to the big bag that you already filled. Now you have a creepy, crawly spider!


Pushpin Pumpkin  
  For those who love a little glam in their decorations, using aluminum thumb tacks in a pumpkin to make a design is an easy and fun way to make your pumpkin pop.


paper clip garland  
  Grab some black paper clips and keep the kids entertained for hours. You can make garland that you can hang inside and outside that you can reuse year after year.


masking tape outline  
  Use masking tape to make an outline of a body on the ground. This is fun and makes for an easy clean up.
Check out all the great office supplies that we have to offer and create unique Halloween decorations this October.

This article was originally posted on October 20, 2014 and has been updated to include new content and links.