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5 Essentials Tips For Working From Home While Social Distancing

by Mar 23, 2020Working At Home

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have suddenly found yourself working from home, staying home with children, or self-quarantining due to the Coronavirus you may find yourself wondering where to begin. It can be overwhelming to consider how you will stay connected with your team and accomplish all of your tasks from home. To help you think through what you might need to get started we’ve put together 5 essential tips to help you figure out how to work from home more effectively while self-distancing.

Eliminate Distraction With Dedicated Home Office Space

One of the most important aspects of productively working from home is making sure you have a designated workspace. Look for a place in your home where you do not have to set up your workspace each morning, and take it down every night. This may look different for every remote worker, but coming to a home office that is dedicated for work can help you slide into work-mode more easily and keep your work day free from distractions. 

Emphasize Good Ergonomics for Health and Wellness

Ergonomic Home Office chair perfect for working remotely

It can be very tempting while working from home to grab a seat at your dining room table, or kick back on your couch with a laptop. Those who regularly work from home understand the need for comfort and a proper ergonomic set-up in their home office. One of the biggest adjustments remote workers can make is to make sure they have a comfortable office chair. Office chairs come with all sorts of adjustments like lumbar support, seat depth and width, armrest height, and some even have reclining functions. Choosing the right home office chair for you can go a long way in setting up your home office for success.

Other ways you can make your home office a little more comfortable are:

  • A good chair mat. This will not only protect your flooring, but more importantly will make it easier for you to roll your chair around your workspace. Chair mats provide ergonomic support by improving your ease of movement, reducing strain on your back and legs.
  • Laptop or Monitor Stand. Laptops can actually be considered harmful if used for work for a long time. This is due to the strain it often puts on a workers neck and back. A Laptop stand or monitor riser helps prevent the strain on your neck by bringing the screen to eye level, providing proper ergonomic support.
  • Good Lighting. While you are working from home, make sure you are not staring at a bright computer screen in a dark room. Providing adequate lighting in your home office can help relax your eyes, prevent eye strain, and boost your overall mood and energy level.

Efficiently Multitask with Additional Monitors

According to a study completed by Jon Peddie Research, having more than one computer screen increased productivity by 42 percent. The more you see, the more you can do. Boost your remote work efficiency by adding an additional monitor to your existing desktop computer, or to your laptop computer. Most modern laptops and computers can connect to an additional monitor with a simple hdmi cable.

Effectively Communicate with Wireless Headphones or Phone Headsets

The nature of working remotely from home means most remote workers are on the phone or on video-conference calls more frequently. To stay connected, comfortable, and free to multi-task, go hands-free with a phone headset, wired headphones with a microphone, or even bluetooth earbuds. These leave your hands free to type, take notes, or hold your baby while you conduct your meetings.

Pro Tip: There can be a lot of distractions when working from home. If you find yourself needing to settle down and focus on a difficult task, noise-cancelling headphones can be a great solution. They help block out the sound in your environment and focus on the important tasks at hand.

Effortlessly complete your tasks with the Office Supplies you need

Bring the office home with office supplies to help you work remotelyOne of the aspects you may be surprised you’ve taken for granted is the fact that most in-office workers can grab supplies and products they need whenever they need them. Most offices have fully stocked supply cabinets and breakrooms to provide for most of the professional’s needs while at work. Fully stocking your home office with your favorite products can help make the transition from office environment to working from home as easy as possible. 

Here are some items you may consider grabbing while you work remotely:

Working from home is a major change for many in the workforce today, especially with the global pandemic in full effect. However, with a little preparation and some intentional thought, remote workers can set up a workspace or a home office that can help them be just as productive, if not more productive, than in the traditional office set-up.

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